Puppet Poem

October 29th, 2021

You had no control over anything. You craved control over something. Anything. To feel like you're more than just a mere puppet. You seeked out another one just like you. Another puppet. Then, you found someone just like you. Vunerable. Without hestiation, you wanted control. To hold it back. So you sunk your strings into the puppet. You decided to try to paint it to your likeness, to share your qualities. You nearly transformed the puppet. But all this has gone to waste, after you cut your own strings holding you in place. All that's left now... is a souless, now independent, puppet. The strings are still attached to your creation, long after your departure.

This is a poem I made recently, I think this is the best way I've found to help describe some of the trauma I've been having to suffer these past many years.