wip :3

i'll make this look more pretty later lol

fuck nintendo!

Citra Repo: DOWNLOAD

neopossum emojis


License: 🅭 🅯 🄏 🄎 CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Based on: Work from Volpeon, Neocat and Neofox.

2048x2048 PNGs: DOWNLOAD

256x256 PNGs: DOWNLOAD

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general cool stuff

Xenia the Fox Winamp Skin: DOWNLOAD

VCR Jazz Mono Font: DOWNLOAD

games stuff

Unusuality (Demo 2, SMBX2): DOWNLOAD

SRB2Khaos (v1.1, SRB2Kart): DOWNLOAD

Chaotic Edition (v2, SRB2): DOWNLOAD

Many Minor Tweaks (v5.3.1, SRB2): DOWNLOAD