Thinking Bout Stuff

March 13th, 2022

So uh yeah, been thinking about stuff relating to me recently, and I think I've come to the conclusion that I'm therian, in which this means I'm both therian and otherkin.


If you don't know, I'm pokékin, that is to say I feel really strong connections to me being a pokémon. For me, it feels like I'm in the wrong body, and that I would instead be much better off in the body of, say, a scorbunny, or a pikachu. That is to say, I feel a strong emotional and spiritual connection to them. Can't really explain it much more than that, that's just how I am!

This is more commonly known as otherkin, just in the case of pokémon, it's often referred to as pokékin. Because y'know, portmanteaus are fun!


As of recently I've done a lot more thinking that I'm also therian, which is to say I feel strong spiritual connections towards animals, a lot like how otherkin works. The distinction with therian and otherkin is that otherkin is more based off of fictional creatures, ala pokémon, or mythical creatures like dragons. So, I've concluded I feel this way mainly because of two of my fursonas; Jenny and Ami.

An image of Jenny, a ginger mouse wearing glasses and a hoodie, with a tear-shaped marking on her face, she's holding up the V sign. An image of Ami, a skunk with ear piercings and is wearing a jacket with a skull symbol, she's holding up the V sign.

Jenny and Ami are both anthropomorphic bipedal fursonas of mine, with one being a mouse, and the other being a skunk. When I first drew both of them, I've always felt like... "yeah, that's just me". And I mean this to a much, much larger extent than what a lot of people usually think about their fursonas; I mean that in the almost literal sense. I am Jenny and Ami. I love all of my other fursonas, I mean I just love designing creatures in general; there's a good reason I've made...61 of my own designs at the time of writing. But for Jenny and Ami in particular, something's just clicked into place in my brain differently, and it's taken me until now to finally realize that the reason why is because, I'm therian!

To try to explain this bit more plainly: I'm spiritually connected to both mice, and skunks. Not nessecarily at the same time, I feel they're distinct, and that some days I'm like "yeah i'm just a mouse today", or sometimes a skunk, and of course sometimes I'm just a pichu or eevee, and so on and so forth. It's not something I really choose, it's just something that happens. And I feel really connected to the anthropomorphic bipedal forms of mice and skunks. Though, I do also feel some form of connection with the quadraped forms of mice and skunks, it's just a lot weaker than the bipedal forms.

Honestly I could've probably figured this out about myself sooner, since I've had these exact same feelings about my pokésonas before, and I reached out to my otherkin friends, they basically said "yeah you're probably otherkin". I also feel like my spiritual connections to mice strongly tie in with my connections to the pikachu evolution line, since y'know, they're also mice!

To summarize (tl;dr)

If you've just scrolled down to the end, the tl;dr is I've discovered I'm therian for both mice and skunks, specifically bipedal anthro mice n skunks. Finding this out about me feels like another mystery part of me is solved, since I've had these feelings about Jenny and Ami for a good long while, and it took me till now to put the pieces together!