An image of Zesi, a fox with a t-shirt that has some ASCII text on it. She's looking down and blushing.

Species: Fox
Gender: Girl
Pronouns: she/her, they/them


Zesi is a girl who's obsessed over Linux, having started using it since she was 7. She's also fascinated by old technology, often using old digital cameras, and building computers out of components dated to before she was even born. Zesi's a bit reclusive, but if you were to sit with her, she'd be down to talk about just about anything technology related.

Despite her reclusive nature, she lives with her two sisters, and often gives them an earful of technobabble they can hardly keep up with!

__________________ / / / __ / / \ / / /_____/_/ / / // / '-----------' // / .----------. // / / LINUX! / // |___/___________/__// '==-\___________\==' Press <F1> for help Press <ENTER> to install or upgrade a system boot: Loading cdrom.rdz...........